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PTA Room Parents


Each year, the Mar Vista PTA compiles a roster for each classroom.  Regulations prohibit the school from releasing this information.  By completing this online form, you consent to having your child's name, along with your information, placed on the Classroom Roster.  You will receive a copy of the Classroom Roster ONLY if you complete the form.  The roster information is beneficial for communicating with other parents in the class regarding friendships, classroom activities and homework questions.  Please complete your classroom roster contact information, along with indicating your volunteer interests, via the link below.  You can use one form for multiple children.  


Questions regarding the form can be directed to Christy Hill at [email protected]




PTA Room Parent Reps 2023-24




PTA President

Angela Holloway

[email protected]

PTA Vice-President

Monique Nishikawa

[email protected]

PTA Vice-President

Jeriann Seto

[email protected]

Room Parent Chair

Christy Hill

[email protected]

TK-K Rep

Tessa Mazler

[email protected]

1st Grade Rep

Allison Meyer

[email protected]

2nd Grade Rep

Kate Spelman

[email protected]

3rd Grade Rep

Naomi Zimmermann

[email protected]

4th Grade Rep

Jessica Allen-Koontz

[email protected]

5th Grade Rep

Kellie Eserts

[email protected]



What are the responsibilities of a Room Parent?

  • Act as a liaison between your child's teacher, classroom families, Mar Vista PTA, and the Mar Vista School Enrichment Group (MVSEG).
  • Communicate information to families in your classroom.
  • Help ensure all children in the classroom benefit from and enjoy the numerous activities and special programs planned during the year as part of the Room Parent Team for your classroom.
  • Get updates and new information about how we will be utilizing technology more efficiently.